This department is the second oldest post-graduate department of Statistics in India, established in 1945 based on the recommendation of a committee consisting of eminent members including Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis. Dr. U. S. Nair was the Founder Professor of this department followed by eminent successors like Dr. (Miss) Aleyamma George, Dr. R. N. Pillai, Dr. T. S. K. Moothathu, Dr. P. Yageen Thomas, Dr. G. Lesitha etc. The Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi has identified this department under its FIST Programme. This department has moulded several reputed statisticians like Prof. K. C. S. Pillai, Prof. A. M. Mathai, Prof. Thomas Mathew and so on. The major contributions of this department are in the areas: Distribution Theory, Inequality measures, Order Statistics, Point estimation, Ranked Set Sampling, Reliability Theory, Stochastic Process, Time Series etc. Research papers are published regularly from this department in refereed journals in Statistics and have been extensively cited in the latest Statistical publications.



Prof.U.S. Nair Founder of the Department