About us

In the ever evolving world of Information Technology, Change is the name of the game. The nimble and agile are FIT and will survive. Those who fail to move with the times are left behind. We help you stay ahead of the pack with our cutting edge solutions based on latest technology created by world-reputed brands.


Our Executive leadership consists of a team from highly professional background with immense business expertise eventually natured a common vision to fulfil their social responsibility. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years starting from Rendezvous Information Technology – Middle East established in the year 1999. The journey of FIT has been imprinting its signature in numerous arena of information technology by acquisition of many small IT companies in India & Middle East. We have expert leadership team with both the management and technology expertise to bring in business, build a great engineering team and execute successfully.

Take a glimpse at our diverse offerings and choose you pick. We promise you that while you come through our doors as a curious customer, you will stay with us as trusted friends.



Our Corporate office is located in Karikode - Kollam, neighboring T K M College of Engineering, the first Government- aided engineering college in Kerala.The Government's vision is to turn Kerala into knowledge society with sustainable economic growth, social harmony and high quality of life for all. Kerala Régime considers, its mission to achieve this vision through proactive measures meant to accelerate the process of transforming the State into a knowledge society to which FIT will donate a lot with our expert governance & crew members.

Executive leadership of FIT Provides dynamic and visionary direction to our young team comprising of over 100 professionals in the areas of hardware & networking, communications, IT security, product software, digital media and consulting.

Emax Solutions Park


The government of Kerala is promoting IT parks outside the state-owned parks, to boost IT infrastructure in the state. Karunagappally is a fast growing city which can attract professionals with its increasing quality of life and infrastructure. Our existing businesses will continue to move ahead, but the IT park is more focused towards new ventures, especially starting up a large-scale web-based services firm.

Our first venture will be to build an easily scalable high-margin software business that caters to a specific niche in the web development industry. The typical webpage/app development workflow involves first creating a design in a tool like Adobe Photoshop/Bohemian Coding's Sketch, and a set of developers converting it into the web by writing HTML/CSS code. More than 50% of time and cost in website development is currently spent on this part, and we're building a large-scale services firm that caters to this industry. Compared to existing businesses that focus on this, we start with a unique advantage made possible by proprietary software developed by our technology partners. This technology allows us to automate 90% of the coding process, greatly increasing the cost-effectiveness and quality of output compared to the completely manual process run by existing competitors. The leadership team of this venture have in-depth experience working closely with consulting agencies and clients from around the world.

We're also building the FIT Global Services model to work with companies in the GCC countries, providing turn-key solutions to our Partnering Business Firms (PBFs). We'll provide managerial, administrative, technological, and marketing support to the PBF to enable them to run their dayto-day business operations in a smooth and profitable manner. PBFs will also promote the products and services of FIT Global Services (the IT Services and Software Exporting Division of FIT) and TSP (Total Solution Provider) portfolio.

Our vision is to create a winning organization founded on sound structure, dynamic strategies, adaptable culture and a long-lasting competitive edge which proactively identifies, addresses and solves our customers' needs using the latest, user-friendly technology.

Build a large, solution-oriented information technology product, services and consulting entity in India & Middle East cater the needs of established and startup businesses

We will go about achieving profitability and creating long-term value for all stakeholders while living and breathing the principles of quality, commitment and fair play.

Organizational Development through People Development (OD through PD) for growth is the overall strategy of our organization. We want our people and our organization to be resilient and sustainable.